Tube 2018 – International Tube and Pipe Trade Fair

Published: April 26, 2018 в 15:11

In April 2018 Qualitube Trading Limited took part in the International Tube and Wire Fair in Düsseldorf, Germany where we exhibited our company’s produce and services as well as represented our major supplier JSC Dnepropetrovsk Tube Works, which is one of the largest steel tubes manufacturers in Ukraine.

The Fair was a ground-breaking success for Qualitube Trading and we achieved significant results having appealed to the market’s interest and proportionally enlarged our client base spreading our operations further afield.

Being guided and encouraged by this successful enterprise we fully intend to return and take part in the next International Tube Fair in Düsseldorf in 2020 where we shall be happy to answer any of your questions and offer our services and produce.





Carbon steel Stainless steel

OD mm WT mm = Weight kg/m
Quantity meters = Tons